At Black Mountain Farm, we cultivate different varieties of Oyster mushrooms each season. Oyster mushrooms are a meaty yet delicate variety with a versatile nature that can be easily enjoyed raw or cooked in any of your favorite mushroom recipes. We inoculate local certified organic grain spawn from our friends at North Spore Mushroom Co. in Portland onto Certified Organic straw at the farm. We use a cold-lime soak pasteurization process on our straw before inoculation and then individually pack bags that go into the first of our incubation chambers. Since Maine soil is famous for it's acidity (see: amazing blueberries) we dilute and use the of leftover water from the lime soak pasteurization as a bi product to neutralize the PH level in our soil to grow better veggies! After the mushrooms have run their course in their bags we spread the spent mushroom straw on our veggie beds or add it to our compost as a super powered microbial mulch. It is important for us on Black Mountain to have many more than one use of the products and systems we implement.  This is just one example! 

During the 2017 season we will be adding Wine Cap Mushrooms to our arsenal of yummy fungi.