Please note that CSA shares will not

be available for the 2018 season.


continue reading to learn all about how a csa works!


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. You can think about it just as you would a magazine subscription, but instead of receiving a monthly issue, you're receiving a weekly box of what is being produced on our farm. Did you know the average vegetable travels 1500 miles before it reaches us? With a subscription to our CSA you can receive fresh, seasonal, organic produce, herbs, flowers, and meat right here from our farm each week during the 16 week growing season.

Being a member of a CSA has many benefits from reducing your carbon footprint and grocery bill, to eating healthier and knowing that your food is coming from a local organic source, to supporting your local economy, not to mention all of the delicious food you get each week. There are also benefits for the farmer: the CSA model was built to create a symbiotic relationship of support between a farm and its community. For instance, in the Spring CSA membership is paid up front which helps the farmer with overhead costs during the early season, costs that come a long time before harvest.

To us, this relationship is a partnership, one that directly impacts the well being of the community and its members. As partners each season we are making a joint investment, one that comes with both risk and reward, at attempting to create a less volatile future for food, farms, and community. This is our goal as a farm and we invite you all to be a part of it. 



 Distribution starts in Late June/Early July


Full share: (16 weeks)                                                                    Half Share: (16 weeks)
A weekly box of our delicious, seasonal, organic                           A weekly box of our delicious, seasonal
produce. We recommend this box to families of                            organic produce. Half the amount, half
3-4 members, or a couple of veracious veggie                                the price. Recommended for a single
eaters.Valued at about $30.00/week, for a family                        veggie lover, or a couple veggie part time
of 4 this share breaks down to only $7.50/person/                       lovers. $235.00
week or $1.07/person/day! $465.00  


                                    ADd ons:

Add one of the following options to your veggie share. 

The Herbivore: (16 Weeks)
Add this share to your veggie box and receive hand selected culinary & medicinal herbs each week, 
along with storing tips, cooking tricks and fun ways to use your herbs fresh & dried all year. $80.00  

The FLORAvore (10 weeks)
A weekly unique hand cut, farmer arranged bouquet to brighten your home with. All flowers are
grown from seed or bulb and are cut with intent for optimum vase life and quality. Our arrangements
always reflect seasonality to its fullest. $100.00     

The Free Ranger (8 of 16 weeks)
Add this option to your box and receive one of our organic, pasture raised, farm finished whole
chickens every other week. $220.00    

The Benjamin Franklin (1 week)
Add this option to your box and recieve one of our organic, pasture raised, farm finished turkeys for
Thanksgiving. $50 Deposit, $6/lb, (paid after slaughter in fall.)    


Purchase the farmer's feast and save $100


The Farmer's Feast (16 weeks) Our largest share available, but also the best savings deal! This share includes a full vegetable share weekly and each add on weekly. Purchase this share and earn $100.00 in savings. $865.00                                                                                                                                                                                                               

With each share members receive a weekly newsletter, recipes, cooking tips & tricks, a much more!




If you decide to become a member of our CSA, you can chose between 2 pick up locations. The location you chose will be where you pick up your share(s) each week for 16 weeks. Because of perishability, if a pick up date is missed we cannot hold onto your box for you until a later date. We encourage people to have a back up friend or relative on stand by to pick up for them if a conflict arises. If no one can pick up your box for the week, not to worry, it will not go to waste! That week's share will either be donated to a local food bank, fed to our animals, eaten by the farmers, or composted. 

PICK UP OPTION 1:                                                                                              PICK UP OPTION 2:

Tuesdays 3pm - 6pm                                                  OR                                              Saturdays 10am - 1pm 

Black Mountain Farm                                                                                                     Bridgton Farmer's Market

160 Black Mtn Rd. Sweden, ME 04040                                                                      Depot Street Green




     1.) Fill out our brochure and send with check by mail. 

     2.) Sign up in our "Farm Stand" on this website. (Credit or Debit needed)

     3.) Sign up at farmer’s market! (Bridgton: Saturdays 9-1, May-Nov.)

     4.) Give us a call, we’ll sign you up! 


     *Please make all checks out to Black Mountain Farm. 

     *PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE, give us a call or shoot us an email for information.