Here on Black Mountain Farm, our Cornish Rock chickens are free to roam in a different part of our pasture every other day and are supplemented with Nature's Best organic grain. We've found the Cornish Cross birds to be tenacious foragers for sweet grasses and plump insects which yields a highly moist and flavorful chicken that surpasses all grocery store brands. All chickens are processed on farm and weigh 4-6 Lbs dressed.


White Peking ducks are a prize to raise here at the farm. With pasture on which to roam and Nature's Best organic feed the duck meat becomes a true delicacy. Our ducks share time on land and in water where they lead very happy and healthy lives. The meat of a duck is more nuanced and darker than the meat of a chicken or turkey, but an easy substitute for your favorite go-to recipes that adds an indulgent spin. All ducks are processed on farm and weigh 6-7 Lbs dressed.


Our Rex Rabbits, a beautiful french breed, are raised exclusively on pasture in a rotation with our poultry and sheep. Allowing the rabbits to eat fresh greens everyday produces a rabbit of the highest quality, making for a leaner, healthier, and therefore tastier animal. Rabbits are superior to beef, chicken, pork, and lamb in protein content and although an unconventional meat in the US, we believe them to be a tender and delicious addition to any household diet. All rabbits are processed on farm and weigh 3-4 Lbs dressed.


By request, Black Mountain Farm will raise a classic Orlopp Mammoth Bronze Turkey for you and your family's Thanksgiving dinner. Our turkey's are raised 100% organically on pasture, foraging free and happy. Orlopp Mammoth Bronze Turkeys provide a beautiful 20-30 LB bird for your holiday feast.