Black Mountain Farm is a small, diversified farm located in the hills of Sweden, Maine. Owner/operators Will Simpson and Liz Deleo took up farming in 2014, worked as farm apprentices through MOFGA, then with the help of friends and family, converted an old family camp into a humble operation of their own. With 2 acres now under cultivation, the farm is busier than ever. 

Today, we raise a wide variety of annual and perennial crops, as well as a rotating cast of small livestock (please see our "Products" page for more details). By the end of the 2016 season, the extent of our produce and livestock will be Certified Organic; in the meantime, we insist on organic practices all the same. Aside from farming organically, we believe strongly in sustainability  - from the long-term fertility of our soil, to the continued health of our community, to the future relationship between humans and the land - all senses of the word and philosophy are important to us as we develop our farm. For that reason, we utilize techniques such as cover cropping, crop rotation, biodiversity, and methods of regeneration.

    Our comprehensive mission is to grow into a self-sufficient farm which provides ourselves and others with a livelihood, while always improving the soil beneath our feet, providing a synergistic habitat for plants, animals, and humans, and enhancing the community around us through our own involvement and with quality organic produce, meat, and hops. Above all, we intend to learn from and mimic the natural processes of the earth, cultivating a symbiotic partnership, which provides basic human needs and prioritizes environmental preservation.


All photos on About page by Alissa Hessler